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This site provides a small showcase of my work as well as a bit of information about me and the projects I'm working on currently. I also teach these subjects periodically, and provide consultation and team management services in the industry as well.

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Guess who's making the news? I had a recent interview with HERE magazine that has seen publication just this week. The topic of discussion was finding career success without necessarily requiring University. Check out the article (ahem!)... HERE.
March 19-2009

BigWhale had a great show in downtown Moncton this past weekend. We played the Irish Bar, The Old Triangle, and in spite of not being very Irish (well, outside of MY own heritage) as a band, we managed to rock the house and even had people dancing in the streets outside the club. We're excited about our next show as well, this coming weekend at The Manhattan, in the O2 complex. Great sound there, great stage and lots of club hoppers out to have a good time. We're playing Saturday eve, for anyone interested in stopping by. A good time is pretty much guaranteed. To find out more about our other shows, visit
March 19-2009

I'm now a regular contributor at Advanced Iron magazine and have taken on my own regular feature in the Iron Man devoted fan magazine. I've been a fan of the comic books since I was a kid. This provides a great way to have some fun doing some 'non-work' related art. At the same time, I'm having fun writing on a topic that goes waaay back for me. To read my column and catch up on the latest Iron Man and Marvel Comics news, visit Advanced Iron.
February 19-2009

Wow, it's been a while. Since my return to the Spielo fold, I haven't updated this site at all. But I'm back, with plans to be much more active with updates. I have a lot of cool projects underway and a lot of work to update into the gallery here; more photos, more illustration, BigWhale is still making music... More on all of this soon, but if you want to peek at what I have underway now, visit my new blog... I just set it up. I have a number of other local artists linked there as well. Check it out at
February 4-2009


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