Guess who's making the news? I had a recent interview with HERE magazine that has seen publication just this week. The topic of discussion was finding career success without necessarily requiring University. Check out the article (ahem!)... HERE.
March 19-2009

BigWhale had a great show in downtown Moncton this past weekend. We played the Irish Bar, The Old Triangle, and in spite of not being very Irish (well, outside of MY own heritage) as a band, we managed to rock the house and even had people dancing in the streets outside the club. We're excited about our next show as well, this coming weekend at The Manhattan, in the O2 complex. Great sound there, great stage and lots of club hoppers out to have a good time. We're playing Saturday eve, for anyone interested in stopping by. A good time is pretty much guaranteed. To find out more about our other shows, visit
March 19-2009


I'm now a regular contributor at Advanced Iron magazine and have taken on my own regular feature in the Iron Man devoted fan magazine. I've been a fan of the comic books since I was a kid. This provides a great way to have some fun doing some 'non-work' related art. At the same time, I'm having fun writing on a topic that goes waaay back for me. To read my column and catch up on the latest Iron Man and Marvel Comics news, visit Advanced Iron.
February 19-2009

Wow, it's been a while. Since my return to the Spielo fold, I haven't updated this site at all. But I'm back, with plans to be much more active with updates. I have a lot of cool projects underway and a lot of work to update into the gallery here; more photos, more illustration, BigWhale is still making music... More on all of this soon, but if you want to peek at what I have underway now, visit my new blog... I just set it up. I have a number of other local artists linked there as well. Check it out at
February 4-2009

I have some new additions in my B&W Photography section (thanks Melissa!), with more to be added very soon. Have a look in the 'People' section of my Black and White gallery to see what's new.
November 2-2005

Big Whale has officially debuted. We played a Halloween gig at Cheers pub (on October 29) in the Moncton area. It was a great Saturday night crowd that were dancing on the tables by the third song. Many thanks to the girls that got up and sang with us and made the evening a hit. We'll be playing the 'Twigstock' benefit gig this Saturday, Nov.5 at the Right Spot with a myriad of other local acts. We're on at midnight. We then return a couple weeks following and have the Spot to ourselves, on Nov. 19th. We do have a website ready for posting, we just have to get the domain and hosting details cleared up. I'll announce it here once I have it posted.
October 29 - 2005

The Opera Bistro is now officially open today, having had their grand opening in Saint John, New Brunswick. Margret and Axel Begner have created a great high-end dining experience with this new spot in downtown Saint John. They were features on 'Fine Living' as well. Their food is spectacular; I highly recommend stopping by if you are in the area. I designed their menus, which are on display in my Graphic Design Gallery. Visit them online at
October 26 - 2005

The inevitable has happened... more work for Spielo / GTECH. Having worked with them a great deal over the last decade, it looks like I'll finally be seeing a return to the games division of the company, where this long standing relationship began in '96. See a sample of the kind of work i'm doing for them this time around in my Graphic Design and Illustration Galleries.
October - 2005

The Creek Seafood Restaurant on Robinson St. in downtown Moncton has been keeping me busy with signage projects and promotional materials. I'm also helping them with their website, so more on that once it's posted. A few examples of the promo items can be seen in my Graphic Design Gallery. Visit the Creek restaurant online very soon (address to be announced).
September - October 2005

A Big Whale of a band is born, out of an impromptu gig played with Pete Post and Mo Fougere, at Sasha's in downtown Moncton. This Spielo event led to hiring Pete and his non-existant band to entertain during a company celebration. Pete got Mo and I in on the gig and we had a phenominal time. This inspired us to form the group on a more established basis and play the local scene again. It's been years since I've done this, so we're in for some fun. More soon...
August 9 - 2005

Morrigan Press' latest RPG game, 'High Medieval', is now officially in print and on the book store shelves. As mentioned previously (below in May), a few examples of the illustrations for the book can be seen in my Illustration Gallery.
August 2005

I've once again had the privelege of being the official photographer for the Ernst & Young LLP' annual business awards nomination ceremony. The event was hosted in Saint John this year; last year I did the photos for the show in Moncton. I'll post an example of the evening shoot in my Colour Photos Gallery.
June 2005

I have some exciting new projects in B&W Photography to be announced very soon. More on this soon. ;-)
May 23-2005

Morrigan Press has been very busy building new, and refurbishing old, role playing game systems. Having re-released the cult favourite Talislanta under more modern game rules, has led to a successful start in the industry for the company. Their latest RPG game High Medieval has just been released to PDF and is available online (see their site for details). It is scheduled to go to print in the coming weeks so stay tuned for an update. I had done some of the illustration work for the book. The game is based on factual history and lets a player become a part of the crusades in the year 1250 AD. A few examples of the illustrations for the book can be seen in my Illustration Gallery. Visit Morrigan Press at
May 20-2005

Artsy Girl has been adding new prints to their gallery. Art prints are now also available solid Print Plaques, as an alternative to framed prints. See her site for sizes and examples (It's worth having a look to see her art). My role with Artsy Girl has been to get her artwork prepared for optimal printing and production. I'm also designing her website for her. The one in place is the first phase of a more elaborate website, to come soon. Visit
May 15-2005 has a new look! Atlantic Canada's premiere career search site has had a major upgrade in both look and functionality. I've been assisting their development team on the visual end of their site's interface. Visit CareerBeacon at
May 1-2005

The First Impressions site has been posted. This is a first rate, large-format output service bureau that services clients in New Brunswick. Have a look to see the many services they provide. They will be providing the output services for some of my upcoming projects as well. Visit
April 1-2005

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