For professional purposes, I've included a brief (well, somewhat brief) synopsis of my skill set and work history down below. I'm just touching on the highlights over the years, but this should give a fair idea of what I've done professionally. Feel free to browse the galleries to see samples of the client projects that are mentioned below.

Overall, my career has primarily involved development or instruction in the fields of information technology, multimedia and print publishing. My training is in Communication Arts. My specialty is in (though not limited to) the visual realm of communications, hence my calling it Visual Communications. I have a philosophy that I follow for design and how people communicate through visual media, and this approach is what I'm describing with this title. My strongest skills are in design, layout, and illustration, but I am adept enough in other areas to not limit my experiences to them alone. I have plenty of application development experience, programming in various object-oriented scripting languages (mostly in Flash and Applescript in more recent years). I have team management experience, using my analytical approach to assist in problem solving and organizational solutions. As well, I generally have a tremendous respect for people and their potential. I enjoy the processes of traditional B&W Photography, and have been focusing some attention in that area more recently.

  What I have to offer:
  • 15 yrs+ in creating digital media and arts.
  • Teaching experience, one-on-one and in the classroom.
  • Flash and Web programming /development experience.
  • Coordination experience in production and educational environments.
  • Application prototyping and graphical interface design.
  • Experience in digital automation (ie. computer file generation.)
  • Analysis and organization of systems (ie. workflow procedures or programming constructs.)
  • Experience in the development of curriculum and learning objectives.
  • International experience, having worked in Canada, Australia, The Netherlands, and Antigua.
  • Patience and knowledge.
  • A polite and pleasant disposition.
  • Uncompromising quality and a habit of success.
  • Respect and devotion to people and their potential.


  • Language: fluent English, functional French as well as a student in several others (Spanish / Japanese / Irish).
  • Artistic: I am an illustrator with experience in both analog and digital graphics production (product renderings, game design, character design, cartooning, portraiture, aircraft accident mapping, comic book illustration, landscape topography, etc.).
  • Musical: I am a musician (bassist/guitarist) with album credits including The Foundation, Jason Haywood and Peter Post.
  • Photography: I develop traditional B&W landscape and model photography.
  • Computer Programming: experienced developer with Flash Actioncript, AppleScript, JavaScript and Lingo.
  • Software production tools: I've produced with, and taught, most of the standard professional software development tools. These would of course include such standards as Adobe's Photoshop & Illustrator, Macromedia's Flash and Quark XPress.
  • Teaching: I have developed educational approaches and curriculum for a number of groups under my instruction (visual communications theory, media principles and computer scripting languages, such as Lingo and JavaScript).
  • Writing: primarily for educational / curriculum content, reporting and some fiction stories for illustration.
  • Computer skills: I specialize on the Macintosh (15 yrs experience) and I am comfortable on an IBM compatible PC.
  • Learning: I enjoy all learning opportunities.
Work History:
  • My teaching career started in my youth as a Martial Arts instructor. I had attained a ranking of third degree black belt, and managed a branch Karate club during my high school years. (1985-88)
  • After several years of freelance illustration for various clients, I enrolled in the Communication Arts program at NBCC Woodstock, with a focus on Graphic Arts. I graduated with highest honors and the Governor-General's Collegiate Award. (1989-1991)
  • I gained my industry experience creating media visuals for advertising campaigns as resident graphic designer at ingenious ideas inc. in Moncton, NB. (1991-1994)
  • I began contracting as a Macintosh software instructor with Apollo 101. This included training for Fundy Group Publications in Yarmouth, NS in transferring their newspapers to a digital publishing format. (1995)
  • I became the key multimedia instructor at BKM Research and Development Inc., a private adult education center, where I succeeded in revitalizing a failing multimedia program. There, I progressed as a program coordinator, corporate instructor and multimedia developer for their on-line educational initiatives. (1995-96)
  • In a brief hiatus from education, I returned to industry with Spielo Manufacturing Inc. designing digital graphics for their Australian video gaming market. This involved spending time in Australia performing market research and meeting with video gaming authorities. (1996)
  • Following this, I offered services as an independent consultant providing print media / multimedia instruction and services. This involved consultation, instruction, and the creation of program curriculum. BKM Research and Development Inc. was a primary subscriber to these services. (1997-98)
  • I later became a Project Leader with BKM Virtual Solutions developing online education. In addition to managing a development team, this had involved the development of computer applications that automate repetitive workflow tasks and monitor project production timelines. (1998-99)
  • I then returned to offering independent development and consultation services on a contract-to-contract basis. Clients included Spielo, Learning Creations, CLM services, the Port Medway Municipality and others. (1999-2001)
  • Returning to the Spielo team, I joined their Online division, developing for prototype applications and other marketing initiatives. These included such projects as the Online Help system for their lottery terminals, for which I was the sole developer. These projects were developed for Spielo's international lottery clients and this involved spending some time in the Netherlands. During this time I also was part of a team that helped implement coding guidelines for the Spielo programmers.(2001-02)
  • After this, I left Canada for a year, working with a small development team designing internet gaming solutions in the West Indies of the Caribbean (Antigua). During this time I fulfilled the roles of visual coordinator, interface designer, game programmer and graphic artist. (2003)
  • Family emergencies had brought me back to Canada and I once again returned to the role of independent service provider. Since this return my clients have included Dovico, Intelera, Career Beacon, Artsy Girl, First Impressions, Morrigan Press, Opéra Bistro and The Creek restaurant. (2004-05)
  • In November of 2005 I returned, for my third time, to Spielo as a full time employee. Joining their growing team of graphic arts professionals, I've been able to offer my experience in bringing success to their game development efforts. Since my return, each year I've been honoured with 'Building Excellence' awards and have been given the responsibilities of managing the art direction for the company's New York market. (2005-09)
  • I can be reached via e-mail at:
  • Contact names and references available upon request.

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